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Retaining “L” Walls Bryndle Lloyd

Retaining L Walls Bryndle Lloyd

Producing high quality milk is at the very heart of the farm business plan now being enacted by Denbeighshire dairy farmer Brynle Lloyd.

The Pen-y-bryn man is currently milking 170 cows, averaging 9,200L.
Brynle confirmed that producing high quality whole crop, forage maize and grass silage are vital for good milk production on the farm.

He continued:
“Up to this point I have been reliant on three existing silos, all of which had reached the end of useful lives. For one thing they are all roofed, which limits the amount of forage that we can get into them.“
“We took the decision to build three new silos on the farm earlier this year. Each being 135 feet long and 40 feet wide.“We also recognised that this would be an extended process, which would take at least two silage seasons to complete.”

“Our plan is to gradually phase-out the existing silos and use them for additional animal accommodation on the farm. Our plan is to build cows numbers up to 220 head.”

The first of the new silos is now complete and already in use.
“This year’s whole-crop was the first crop to be ensiled in the new pit,” he said.

One striking feature of the new silo is Brynle’s decision to opt for retainer walls, rather than going for the poured concrete option.

“Taking this approach meant that we didn’t have to wait for the walls to cure. It also allowed us to use the new silos, as soon as the new structure was complete.”

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