Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Do you suffer from chronic Plantar Fasciitis? Are you are tired of not being able to walk without heel pain?  you should know that choosing the right shoes can have a huge impact on your heel pain.  Over 90% of shoes out there are not appropriate for Plantar Fasciitis! That’s why We have taken the time to chose the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis to help you save time and money. 

Here Are The Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis


Glyceryn 14 For Man


Glyceryn 14 For Man

Plantar fasciitis is a disorder that manifests itself in the great pain in the heel and bottom of the foot.

Pain usually comes in the early morning and at the end of the day. It can be excruciating at times specially after having a long run or squatting in the gym. Usually the condition can be solved by using orthopedic insoles, proper footwear and stretching every day.

In some more severe cases, medical treatment may be necessary, and the range of undertakings with the goal of relieving the pain usually tends to include physiotherapies, steroid injections, and even surgery in the cases where nothing else seems to work.

To help you pick some therapeutic footwear to help you ease your chronic heel pain, we’ve tested hundreds of shoes. This list includes the best shoes in the market for plantar fasciitis and is separated by running shoes, walking shoes and sandals, so go ahead and pick the ones that would fit you the best!


Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Men’s Glycerin 14

The first entry on my delicately organized list is occupied by this interesting model from Brooks, boasting the ability to support your aching feet for miles on when you’re running. Medically speaking, the support type of this shoe is – neutral to underpronation (or supination).

The cushioning is maximized to provide comfort and a snug, tight fit. That being said, the optimal running surface for these shoes is the road, where they will display their advanced softening and correctional properties.
This model is also fairly steeply tilted, featuring the heel-to-toe offset at exactly 10 mm, meaning that they can prove beneficial for your posture and spine even when you’re just walking.

It comes in a variety of interesting colors and designs, ranging from versions of black and red to the flashy electric blue and lime punch combination. The design that almost certainly takes the cake with this offer is the so-called Limited Edition Color featuring stars & stripes design reminiscent of the USA national flag.
The materials used in the creation of this therapeutic shoe represent a combination of mesh and synthetic upper layer, enabling a tight and secure fit.

The Downside:

About the only downside to these otherwise well-rounded running shoes is their lack of breathability. In our opinion that is not a big deal considering the relief this shoes will give you.

Besides that, these shoes feature 3D printed overlays, offering an enhanced structural support while their weight is dramatically reduced at the same time. Also, the rounded heel helps in centering your ankle properly, thus positioning your joint optimally, and reducing the stress to the heel.


  • Lace-up closure
  • The Attractive US flag-themed design
  • Neutral to underpronation
  • Maximized cushioning


  • Not enough ventilation

Woman Glycerin 14

brooks-womens-glycerin-13The women’s model from Brooks can be said to offer roughly the same visual characteristics as the male version described above. The material used is synthetic, providing a solid quality and durability in most conditions.

The sole is also finely tilted to offer a great back support as well as to improve the position of your heel, where the center of pain and discomfort comes from. The material of choice for the sole part is high-quality durable rubber.

Speaking of support, it was designed predominantly with the mild overpronators in mind, and the compensation-oriented design provides both a comfortable fit as well as a correctional side to it.

To activate the midsole part of your foot, often affected by soreness from long runs, the cushioning in that section has been strengthened to provide an even better fit and, therefore, support. Also playing a major role in the therapeutic goal of this piece of footwear, is the adjustable saddle construction, allowing the shape to adapt to your foot up to a level, without compromising on the corrective features.

On the flipside, some of the users have reported an uncomfortable fit in the front toe department, where it can feel a bit tight, especially in comparison with the previous model of this brand, the Glycerin 12’s.

Much like the men’s version, a significant weight reduction is achieved through the 3D Fit Print overlays, providing a great structural support and a comfortable wear.


  • Built for mild overpronators
  • 3D Fit print technology
  • Enhanced cushioning in the middle sole section


  • The front section can feel a bit tight for some users

Men's GEL-Venture 5

Coming from a company dedicated to creating the optimal footwear for a true healthy lifestyle aficionado, these Venture 5 shoes offer a great support for your entire body, from your posture to your feet.

Designing their models according to the ancient Latin motto -“A sound mind in a sound body” praised by their Japanese founder Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, the people at ASICS continue making great pieces of footwear for both athletic and therapeutic purposes. By the way, ASICS is the acronym of their motivational phrase in original Latin – “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano”.

Swinging over to this Venture 5 model, in particular, the first thing we notice is that it’s made out of a high-quality combination of synthetic and mesh, providing a great snug fit. The problem with this material, however, can be its apparent inability to breathe, and to get rid of excessive heat.

The sole is completely rubber, providing a solid support for the elaborately organized inside part of this shoe. Speaking of which, the rear part specifically is infused with a special kind of gel for more efficient cushioning, which provides relief to the pain accumulated in your heels.

If you have some sort of special medical orthotics, there is an option to remove the sock liner in order to provide you with a better fit.

The undesirable effect of prolonged stress on these shoes is that a small part of the sole, usually the one to the front facing outwards tends to break off. This is not necessarily a big deal when it comes to their performance, but it may irritate you nevertheless.

When it comes to the type of surface under you, these therapeutic shoes will perform well on any outdoors surface really, as it’s been equipped with brushstroke-patterned underlays for better grip and control.


  • A well-known company
  • Special gel for better heel support
  • A good grip while running


  • issue with the small part of sole breaking off with time

Women's GEL-Venture 5

Representing the ASICS’s ladies’ version of their great model, these shoes possess roughly the same line of attractive features as their counterpart for men. They also come in a variety of different designs meant to provide a colorful array of combinations to suit the visual preferences of every woman.
Following suit with their healthy-lifestyle approach to making shoes, the technicians at ASICS made this women’s version out of best synthetics, for a snug and secure fit, as well as great comfort.
Perhaps the biggest difference between the men’s and women’s models lies in the manufacturer’s choice of the sole material, which is also synthetics with this version, compared to the rubber sole for the men’s model.
The crucial heel section is radically enhanced with a special kind of gel cushioning system, improving the centering and the tight fit of your ankle and thus helping with the chronic pain in that area.
For easier accommodation of orthotics, there is a foam sock liner you can remove, and make it so that your foot fits snugly in the shoe.
The somewhat troublesome design solution can be that it feels tight with people who have wider feet. To prevent any inconveniences connected to this, please make sure to ascertain that the model you’re buying is exactly your size.
As for the very bottom part of the sole, the innovative trail-specific outsole enables you to run on virtually any sort of rugged surface without worrying about serious damage.


  • Offer accommodation for orthotics
  • Many different color designs
  • Behave well on all surfaces


  • Can be tight for people with wide feet

Men's M1260V5 Running Shoe

Coming from an innovative company called New Balance, and remarkably resembling a tennis ball, this running shoe model features great characteristics, which will deliver both when it comes to the comfort and on-track performance.
The fabric used in the construction of the durable top piece is the special kind of synthetic optimized for the optimal fit and comfort while wearing.

Similarly to the previously described models, this one also has its sole made out of tough rubber able to withstand some considerable abuse. It will provide a great support for your heels as well as the entire foot.
While there are three other variants when it comes to its visual style, I recommend the first finish offered as it is the flashiest and the most modern-looking of all. Also, it features no-sew contrast stripes and a neatly incorporated N logo, providing a nice little contrast in blue.
For closer observation of this magnificent combo, please refer to the pictures provided above, or even better, visit its page on

Coming to the topic of cushions on these shoes, we can see the massively improved redistributed cushion technology, now featuring the clots of specialized cushions in the front and the heel part of this shoe introduced to provide the optimal landing and springing forward action.

About the only issue some users have found with this model so far is its weight, which may put off some people who like light footwear.
Also implemented in this cushioning solution is the special ABZORB technology, made to additionally support your foot with some particularly rugged surfaces. Other than that, this shoe is predominantly a stability shoe for overpronators.


  • T-BEAM midfoot stability shank
  • Best for overpronators
  • No-sew contrast stripes



Women's W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoe

Motivated to always make only the best footwear for both professional athletes and recreational users, the designers at New Balance have once again created a fine women’s shoe, comfortable and heavy-duty at the same time.
Made in the USA out of high-quality synthetic material, these running shoes provide a tight and snug fit, and with it improved therapeutic properties, especially when it comes to the heel and the sole support.
To provide a solid foundation for this shoe, there is a carefully constructed rubber sole capable to, on one hand, tough enough to survive some rough abuse on rugged surfaces and on the other, to provide a comfortable wear.
The design was carefully rearranged with this model to provide stability while running with the help of the special motion-control technology.
The Downside:
On the flipside, the heel part has been reported to slide up and down a little, so make sure that you find the exact match for your feet size before you actually make the purchase.
The heel-to-toe drop is set at 10 mm, creating a slight tilt for maintaining a good posture while walking and offering a great spring-forward response when running.
The outsole is made out of strong, blown rubber enhancing the durability and reliability of these shoes.


  • Durable rubber sole
  • Motion-control technology
  • Padded tongue



Here Are The Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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Vionic - Women's Walker Classic Shoes

Offering great orthopedic properties as well as visually pleasing, these practical walking shoes from Vionic are one of the best solutions for women with sensitive feet, that can currently be found on the market.
In contrast to the aforementioned models, these shoes are made out of high-quality leather, providing a comfortable fit and a stylish, attractive appearance.
The sole is made out of a type of synthetic material, enhancing the comfort as well as providing a tight and snug fit.
The midsole section, crucial for an evened-out weight distribution has been improved by adding the shock-absorbing EVA part, helping your foot to adapt to the new shape of the shoe.
As for the outsole part, it’s made to be flexible and adjust to the conditions outside, ensuring that the rough terrain doesn’t compromise your walking experience or cause you pain.
Some users may find these shoes to be too wide and bulky, forcing them to stop wearing some of their clothes which don’t match the style of the shoe. If this doesn’t represent a problem for you, or you have a lot of clothes similar in color, then we warmly recommend this model.
A rather special feature this model boasts is the APMA seal of acceptance for their great orthopedic properties.


  • The ROLLBAR posting system
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • A5500 diabetic shoe


  • A bit too wide and bulky

New Balance - Men's M1540 Running Shoe

This is yet another great New Balance running-oriented model, which, additionally can also double as a great therapeutic walking shoe solution.

Made from a simple yet durable synthetic/mesh combination, it offers great comfort additionally enhanced by the sole, also made of synthetic material, guaranteeing a tight and secure fit.

An interesting feature of this model is the inclusion of the ROLLBAR posting system responsible for reducing the rear-foot movement.

The cushioning has also been tampered with to elicit a new ENCAP cushioning for additional support of your foot from all sides.

A special certificate coming together with this shoe is the A5500 diabetic shoe HCPCS code, meaning that the people suffering from diabetes would benefit wearing these shoes.

The Downside:

People with wider feet may experience difficulties with excessive tightness. To bypass this issue, try to pick the exact shoe size that matches your foot.

Also, a great addition to the already great stability properties of this model is the PU footbed, providing you with even more cushion for an extra snug fit.


  • High-quality leather
  • The APMA seal of acceptance
  • The shock-absorbing EVA midsole section


  • Design may not be optimal for people with extra wide feet

Here Are The Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

Chaco - Men's Z2 Classic Sport Sandal

sandals plantar fassitis
Defending the honor of the sandals for men on this list, out steps the Chaco’s Z2 model, with a simple yet brilliantly supportive system of wraps made out of durable textile.

The sole on this model are made of synthetics to provide an in-between layer to come above the sole, which is purposefully made to be tough and reliable.
When it comes to the elaborate-looking but actually a rather simple system of wraps, the polyester jacquard webbing was designed to wrap around your foot tightly and comfortably, providing a solid and secure fit. There is also a toe loop for additional protection.

The heel part of this sandal was given special attention, and the end-product of Chaco’s heel-enhancing efforts amounts to the adjustable webbing heel risers, enabling you to find the perfect position for yourself.

The hygiene department has also been seeing some improvement, as there has been implemented a special antimicrobial means to improve the odor control of this model.

As with nearly all footwear, wearing these sandals takes some getting used to. Initially, it can hurt a little bit, but once you’ve gotten used to them, you’ll probably don’t want to change them anytime soon.


Altogether, it is worth mentioning that this sandal is made out of just eight parts grand total, and it is this simplicity of design that makes it an all time attractive offer for men in need of a therapeutic sandal model.


  • LUVSEAT PU midsole
  • Antimicrobial odor control
  • Simple design


  • They take some getting used to (initially they might hurt)

New Balance - Men's M1540 Running Shoe

Chaco - Women's ZX1 Classic Sport Sandal
This simply-designed and elegant sandal is the Chaco’s model for women, and regarding the good name of this company, as well as the great characteristics of their version for men, I can say with confidence that this is one of the best therapeutic sandal models currently on the market.
Aside from the pre-determined length of the foot, each of these modern-looking sandals comes with adjustable wraps enabling you to create the perfectly shaped foot supporter.
The soles are made out of high-quality ChacoGrip rubber, boasting great durability properties and ensuring that your feet are safe and sound while walking on any given surface.
For the securing of the wrap webbing you’ve chosen, there is a simply designed buckle closure with a nubby footbed.

The only flipside to these great sandals is the somewhat faulty strap, which could have as well been a bit longer.
Among the other sandal types massively produced by Chaco, there are hiking and river sandals, flips, free-heel casual sandals, as well as a variety of children’s models, also with therapeutic properties.
The quality of this brand is also official recognized since they received a special APMA seal of acceptance for their efforts in the field of orthopedic and correctional footwear.


  • Simple and attractive design
  • APMA seal of acceptance
  • Sole made out of ChacoGrip rubber


  • The strap could be a bit longer
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