Best Spinning Bikes: Find a Top Spinning Bike

Best Spinning Bikes: All You Need to Know Before You Buy

When it comes to making a smart choice to stay fit, nothing can beat a modern spinning bike that can keep you healthy in the comfort of your house. It can be difficult to select the best spinning bike because some options are available in the market. For your assistance, this guide is designed with a list of Top Spinning Bikes.

Here Are The Best Spinning Bikes in the Market Right Now


Exerpeutic Folding Upright Magnetic Bike


Sole Fitness Spin bike SB700

Sole Fitness Spin bike SB700

Importance of a Spinning Bike

Are you looking for total body transformation by burning 500 calories in one hour? A spinning bike can be a good choice for an indoor workout. The design of indoor stationary bikes is based on the fitness and feel of regular road bicycles. Some of the Best Spinning Bikes are designed with different settings to adjust the difficulty levels on them. These bikes are ideal for the fitness enthusiast who wants to transform their body and burn excessive fat. Using a spinning bike is an ideal way to improve your fitness and health in the comfort of your home. If you want to avoid gym membership, you can purchase one of the top spinning bikes suggested in this article. The following list are the best spinning bikes in the market for 2017.

Best Spinning Bike Under $200

Exerpeutic Folding Upright Magnetic Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Upright Magnetic BikeSpecial Features: Weight capacity is almost 300 lbs., Large seat to cushion people of all sizes between 5’3” and 6’1”, Hand pulse monitor for heart rate, Tight bolts and screws to reduce noise during pedaling, Compact design to adjust in a short space and easily move from one place to another with transportation wheels, Magnetic tension 8 level control system to adjust the tension level for easy or difficult workout, Manual is available to troubleshoot the malfunctioning in the tension system.

The exerpeutic folding upright magnetic bike is designed to support almost 300 pounds. It features three piece rank system, heart pulse monitoring, magnetic resistance and double drive transmission system. With its large LCD display, it is easy to read the distance, speed, time, heart rate and calories burned.

It is one of the Top-rated Spinning Bikes with an eight level magnetic system to adjust the tension level for difficult and easy workout. Hand pulse sensors are good to monitor your heart rate zone. High torque three piece cranking system offers a consistent and smooth pedaling motion. The V-belt drive and accuracy balanced flywheel provide quiet and smooth operations. There will be no interference in listening to your favorite music or watching TV.

You can fold it to half the size of your storage and relocate with its transportation wheels. With its wide monitor, it is easy to manage your workout and performance rate. This stationary bike is good for everyone who wants to reduce a good amount of weight.


  • Craftsmanship of this bike is wonderful
  • Great for Cardio workouts
  • Magnetic resistance for reliable workout
  • Durable enough to bear almost 300 lbs


  • After 100 miles, computer stops any update and you have to unplug data cable to plug it back
  • Some reviews report that the seat is uncomfortable for their anatomy

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling BikeSpecial Features: Reliable for low-impact workout, comfortable for joints, chain drive system for smooth performance, 30lbs flywheel, durable steel skeleton and crank, adjustable handlebars, adjustable seat, regulating resistance knob, easily tolerate 220 lbs., water bottle holder, and 90 days warranty by manufacturer, easily moveable with transportation wheel.

Sunny SF-B1001 can be a good option for those who are looking for low impact workout opportunities. Any person with joint problems can ride this bike without unpleasant incidents. On this bike, you can ride differently without any difficulty as per the level of your physical fitness. The SF-B1001 is made up of steel, and it will not shake while paddling. This no frills bike enables you to adjust the resistance for your hill climbing workout. It can firmly hold you while you are pushing yourself while hill climbing or sprinting.

You may feel some jiggle in handlebars, but don’t worry as you can tight it to stop wiggling. Adjustability is an important feature of Top-rated Spinning Bikes and Sunny SF-B1001 accommodates various heights. You can adjust the handlebars and seat of this bike. You can move your seat upwards, downwards, backwards and forwards. The handlebars can move vertically to fit the bike to the heights of different users correctly. These easy adjustments reduce the chances of injuries resulting from overstretching and cramped muscles.

Bike resistance is an amazing feature of SF-B1001 because you can enjoy hill climbing in your workout. You can increase or decrease the resistance manually by turning its tension control located at the top of its frame. There is a knob, and you have to turn it around to increase the friction of flywheel. The SF-B1001 has similar chain used in the construction of road bikes; hence, it requires same maintenance and tightening. You have to lubricate this chain to increase the efficiency and reduce the noise of bike.

Pedals of SF-B1001 are designed with toe straps to slide your shoes in the pedals and tight up for good grip on pedals. The pedals and crankshaft are durable to give you the confidence to stay safe and enable you to push hard while climbing hills (against resistance). With its 30 lbs. flywheel, you can enjoy a good ride. The chain drive may make some noise, but this sound will not disturb you. It is possible to reduce this noise by keeping its chain in good condition. You will sit in a position as you sit while riding an outdoor bike, such as standing on pedals or leaning forward to handlebars. The bike is 20” wide and 45” long; hence, it is easy to fit SF-B1001 in your large cupboard.


  • Quality bike at an affordable price
  • Durable and sturdy ride without shaking and rocking at high speeds
  • Bottle holder to keep your water bottle near you
  • Transport wheels to easily move it from one place to another
  • Smooth rising and excellent resistance range
  • Adjust bike for 5 feet to 6 feet heights
  • Low maintenance requirements and quiet enough to enjoy music while workout


  • Workout program or console is missing to monitor your heart rate, speed, and distance
  • Seat is hard for longer workouts
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Best Spinning Bike Under $400

Pro Indoor Cycling Bike - SF-B901

Pro Indoor Cycling Bike - SF-B901 Special Features: Indoor stationary bike with 40 lbs. flywheel, Smooth chain and durable crank drive mechanism, Handlebars and adjustable seat for comfort, Easy to adjust resistance systems with transport wheels, Left pedal should be screwed in the counter clockwise.

Pro indoor bike enables you to establish new fitness standard in the home. This bike is designed in a way to satisfy your indoor workout needs. If you want to transform your house into a gym, the SF-B901 bike can be a right choice for you. Fully adjustable handlebars and seat offer a customizable experience for ultimate compatibility and comfort. The durable steel crank and frame increase its durability and enable you to achieve your fitness goals. The chromed solid 40lb flywheel increases the stability of bicycle while paddling.

With its adjustable resistance feature, it is easy to increase the intensity of your workout. A tension knob is available to increase or gradually decrease the resistance of exercise. You can conveniently adjust the proximity and height of your seat to handlebars with a simple twist of a knob. You can keep yourself comfortable by moving up and down while riding for an extended period. The adjustable resistance levels are a fantastic benefit of SF-B901.


  • Flexible resistance choices make it ideal for HIIT and advanced drills.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable design to avoid unwanted movements at maximum resistance level
  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic handlebar and seat design for a comfortable position


  • For some people, seat can be quite hard to sit for an extended period
  • Display console is missing, and it is not possible to track your workout stats

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor CycleSpecial Features: Aft/fore adjustments on saddle fit riders of different sizes, commercial-sized large handlebars for a comfortable grip, wide and padded saddle for balanced and comfortable ride during a workout, stabilizer feet with easy-adjusting for safer ride and in-home leveling, accommodate maximum riders between 4′ 10″ and 6′ 7″, maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs.

Keiser M3 indoor cycle is good for home users looking for one of the Top Spinning Bikes. Its large flywheel is mounted at the back of the stationary bike and the handlebars pointing upward over the façade of the bike. The Keiser M3 is designed from high-quality erosion resistant material. While exercising, you will sweat a lot and the salt in sweat is harmful to your exercise bike. High-grade aluminum is an ideal material for exercising bike because it is strong and light.

While biking on M3, you will enjoy a silent workout; therefore, it is good to keep in your bedroom. A 3-year warranty backs this bike. A consistent resistance is delivered via electromagnets system. You could get the advantage if 24 levels of resistance through a lever mounted on its handle bar. It is adjustable to almost 24 levels and enables you to track your improvements after each level. Power output is a rare feature of Keiser M3. This bike can measure your power output through the cadence of pedals with resistance level and provide an accurate measurement of your ability.

The power output helps you to evaluae the intensity of your workout. This output is measured in watts by considering your power and speed levels. The display of Keiser M3 shows total distance, trip distance, heart rate, gear, burned calories, watts, and cadence. Heart rate is calculated by a separately available polar chest strap. The advanced polymer makes it a noiseless bike so that you can do your workout anywhere and anytime without any fear.


  • Best quality material for multi-user class and home settings
  • Durable than other bikes with comfortable pads and it will last longer with slight maintenance
  • Power measurements in watts


  • Spin bike can be expensive than other bikes because of its unique features

Exerpeutic LX7 Indoor Trainer with Heart Pulse Sensors and Computer Monitor

Exerpeutic LX7 Indoor Trainer with Heart Pulse Sensors and Computer MonitorSpecial Features: Stand up pedaling for uphill road experience, dual direction pedaling, 300 lbs weight capacity, aluminum alloy pedals with toe cages for accelerative leg thrust, both sides of pedals are usable, ergonomic seat, chrome rim, and iron flywheel, floor stabilizer, holder for water bottle, 1-year limited warranty.

If you want an affordable indoor trainer, the Exerpeutic LX7 can be a good choice for you. This durable bike is made of steel and features a flywheel to give stability to your vigorous workouts. You may notice slight wobble or vibration, but don’t worry because it is normal and will not affect your workout. The seat of Exerpeutic LX7 is horizontally and vertically adjustable with the help of adjustment poles. It is easy to adjust the heights of handlebars as per your needs. For the tougher workout, the resistance applies to flywheels with the help of a tension knot located at the top of the frame. This friction resistance works in a similar way as most of the spin bikes work.

A felt pad on the top of the flywheel will help you to get more resistance. This pad may wear out in almost 6 – 12 months, and you have to replace it. To quickly stop flywheel, you have to push down tension knob. The resistance is incremental and continuous, and it can be difficult to handle the resistance of your last workout. The increase in resistance on your flywheel will not create noise. In the case of noise, lubricate flywheel and make sure to use silicon based lubricant. The bike uses a chain drive to turn the flywheel, and it is similar to any outdoor bike. Make sure to keep chain tightened and lubricated to keep it in running order. Lubrication will help you to get rid of any noise made by chain and flywheel.

Pedals are available with toe cups to avoid any slipping incident. You can tighten up the straps to secure your foot in pedals while pedaling. Both sides of pedals are usable; hence, if you are not happy with cups, you can use other side. If you are using spinning and cleat shoes, you can replace pedals with standard bike pedals. The crankshaft and pedals are strong enough to manage resistance and your weight. You can ride it in a similar manner as other road bikes and get the advantage of its resistance levels. If you have any back injury, you can use Exerpeutic LX7 for a cardio workout without hurting your back.

The bike is 20” wide and 47” long; therefore, don’t worry about its storage. You can store it in a small place and move easily with its movable wheels. It has a basic console with LCD screen to monitor your speed, calorie burned, time elapsed, distance, heart rate and RPM. The console requires 2 AA batteries to get necessary power.


  • Assembly within one hour
  • Built-in heart rate sensors in handlebars
  • Console is available to monitor your performance and increases your motivation
  • Adjustable for the people from 5′ 2″ to 6′ 2″
  • Consistent motion with heavy flywheel


  • Basic console with small screen and it is hard to read its numbers
  • Uncomfortable seat can be exchanged with a comfortable one

Marcy Club Jx-7038 Revolution Cycle

Marcy Club Jx-7038 Revolution CycleSpecial Features: Large flywheel with bottle holder, adjustable handlebars (aero style) with forearm supports, adjustable cage pedals, transport wheels for easy movement, flywheel brake with manual resistance, smooth pedaling with belt driven system, adjustable 2-axis seat for comfortable biking, built-in brake system to stop bike with minimum effort.

The Marcy Club Jx-7038 is an affordable bike for a gym-style workout at home without the monthly expense. Durable construction and 40 lbs flywheel make it ideal for the smooth and natural ride. With its king-size steel tubing, this bike is durable enough to bear heavy pressure. Make sure to securely fasten adjustment knobs and handlebars to avoid wobbling and vibration. It is easy to level out this bike with adjustment knobs. Handlebars are easy to move vertically, and you can adjust seat vertically or horizontally. The height of seat can be increase or decrease from 36 inches – 41 inches with the help of six adjustment holes in a pole.

To apply resistance on the flywheel, you have to use tension knob located on the frame. It offers constant resistance and tension knob helps you to tighten the wool pad on the wheel to increase intensity and resistance of ride. The Marcy Club Jx-7038 features a chain to move flywheel. This chain is similar to an outdoor bike; hence, it requires similar maintenance. Make sure to lubricate this well with silicone based lubricant to increase its performance and reduce any noise. Toe cages and adjustable straps on pedals make it easy for riders to adjust them according to their shoe.

With rubberized coating, the handlebars of Marcy Club Jx-7038 offer tight grip and avoid any slipping with wet hands. For better leverage, it will be good to hold the end of internal handlebars or hold at your shoulder width. The chain may produce soft jingling noise while paddling, but this sound will not disturb you. With 40 inches x 20.5 inches footprint, Marcy Club Jx-7038 will not take much room to store. You can store it in your cupboard or under the staircase.


  • Easy to assemble within one hour
  • Durable construction for smooth riding
  • Water bottle holder
  • Require little maintenance on a frequent basis
  • Transport wheels for easy movement on different surfaces


  • Console and workout programs are missing
  • Seat can be uncomfortable, but you can change it

Best Spinning Bike on the $600 to $1000 Range

Spinner Sprint Authentic Indoor Spinning Cycle

Spinner Sprint Authentic Indoor Spinning CycleSpecial Features: Durable cycle for indoor use, 43 lb. flywheel offers smooth momentum, the stable handlebar can be angled 5 degrees up for better ergonomics, 155mm Q-factor, leather top-down reliable brake pad for comfortable braking, four workout DVDs are available, commercial grade design, adjustable seat, water bottle holder.

This commercial spin bike is designed with amazing features. It is great for indoor cycling because of its design and amazing features. The new racetrack steel frame is designed to reduce cleaning issues under the base bracket. Head tubes and seat are oval to reduce any bar wobble. You can get the advantage of dual-density grip area with pullout molded graphics and all thanks to its Push-to-stop resistance. The 43 lbs. flywheel is enough to create momentum and keep pedals moving without any vibration and mis-balance.

Spinner Sprint can be a great choice for fluid strokes of the pedal and non-impact workout. The brake pad is made of leather for a better life and amazing feel. No-slip rubber will increase your safety and comfort with a strong grip. It is easy to adjust as per the abilities and sizes of riders. Two-piece fender protects the flywheel and brake assembly. The fixed and stable handlebar is angled five degrees up (from horizontal) for better ergonomics. The Q-factor 155 mm can be ideal for any indoor bike because smaller Q-factor can match with the width of the hip in a better way. It plays an important role to reduce the discomfort of ankle, knee or hip.

The Q-factor of a spinning bike is the distance between attachment points of the pedal on crank arms. The narrow Q-factor will put your body in neutral position and make your riding experience more comfortable. It proves that exercising with Spinner Sprint bike can be extremely comfortable for anyone.


  • 43-pound flywheel for smooth and balanced workout
  • Smooth drive system
  • Non-slip handlebars offer maximum comfort with their ergonomic construction
  • Handlebars are tilted at 5 degrees and easy to adjust as per your needs
  • Minimum Q-factor to avoid any discomfort in ankles, knees and hips
  • Workout DVDs for your convenience


  • Seat can be uncomfortable for you, but it is easy to replace
  • LCD is not available to track your performance

Bladez Fusion Fitness GS II

Bladez Fusion Fitness GS IISpecial Features: Updated handlebar stem and post, upgraded frame design, ultra smooth 40 lbs flywheel, dipped style handlebars with fore/aft and up/down adjustments, improved seat to support anatomy, scan features for calories, LCD to check total distance, speed and time.

The GS II of Bladez Fusion features durable construction from extruded and cast aluminum. The aluminum construction makes this bike lighter than other bikes. Regardless of the intensity of your workout, this bike stays firm and helps you to focus on your workout. With its rust-free properties, this bike can handle your sweat and prevent any possible damage. The weight of flywheel is 46 lbs to ensure a smooth riding experience. This bike is designed with adjustable features to fit it correctly for the people between 4’ 10” and 6’ 10”. Within a few minutes, you can adjust seat and handlebars of this bike as per your height.

There is a pad on the top of the flywheel to increase and decrease resistance. You can increase the difficulty of your workout with the help of this pad. A shield is protecting resistance pad from sweat drops. A chain drive system makes your riding experience similar to an outdoor bike. The chain is protected by a durable chain guard to keep dirt and sweat away from the bike chain. The dual pedals of this bike facilitate athletic and SPD shoes. The seat is comfortable enough to avoid extra pressure on your bones.


  • Durable aluminum construction offers a stable base for all types of workouts
  • Dual pedals to fit athletic and SPD shoes
  • Special paint coating protects this bike from rusting for many years
  • Q-factor for proper alignment of your legs
  • Heavy flywheel for smooth cycling motion


  • Console is missing so you have to purchase a separate console to record your performance and resistance levels
  • Seat can be uncomfortable, but you can replace it
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Best Spinning Bike Over $1000

Sole Fitness Spin bike SB700

Sole Fitness Spin bike SB700Special Features: 48 lbs. flywheel for stability, offer multiple adjustments for handlebar and seat, vibrant console, comfortable padded saddle for intense training, bright LCD console for speed, distance, Kcal, time, RPM, monitor heart rate with wireless strap for chest, lifetime warranty for frame and three years warranty for electric and parts.

Sole Fitness SB700 is one of the Top Spinning Bikes for indoor use. With its 48 lbs. flywheel, it offers maximum stability to your workouts. It provides smooth resistance and comfortable ride without any vibration. With its comfortable handlebar and multi-seat adjustments, it can be an excellent choice for numerous people. An integral resistance knob helps you to get the advantage of different resistance levels as per your physical ability.

The LCD display enables you to check your distance, speed, and burnt calories. This bike can support almost 300 pounds. It is durable and easy to carry with its 140 pounds weight. You can easily fit it in a small area because its dimensions are 42x21x40 inches. Toe straps on pedals make it easy for you to improve your grip on pedals while riding this bike. There is no need to waste your energy in its movement because transport wheels are available.


  • Different resistance levels
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Excellent quality
  • Pedals with foot strap for secure grip
  • Knob to control resistance levels
  • Backlit LCD console to monitor your performance


  • It can be expensive for some people


What is the best Spinning Bike?

A spinning bike is a form of stationary bike with some advanced feature. The best spinning bikes should offer resistance function, LCD console to monitor your performance, adjustable seat, pedals, and handlebars. A heavy flywheel is also necessary to maintain a healthy balance during intense workouts. A bottle holder will be an additional feature to increase your comfort. Make sure to check weight capacity of a stationary bike before making a final decision.

We hope that these Spinning Bikes reviews prove helpful for you to select a right spinning bike for your indoor workout. Feel free to share your opinion about spinning bikes.


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