Best Toe Separators: Find The Top Toe Spacer

Best Toe Separators: Find The Top Toe Separator

Nowadays, shoes are designed for fashion instead of function. There was a time when shoes with pointy toe box with high heels were famous. People often consider stylish shoes instead of considering comfort. Unfortunately, the pointy designs and high heels are designed without regard to the original shape of your feet. The unusual shape and design of footwear can deform your feet and change your natural posture. It can increase the pain of your feet and various alignment issues. More than 95 percent of shoes in the stores will make your heel pain worse. Stop wasting your time and money for shoes that can increase your pain. Fortunately, you can use toe separators to rectify the natural alignment of your feet.

Here Are The Best Toe Separators in the Market Right Now


VANDORA Toes Stretchers


YogaToes Gems

Best Toe Separators of 2017

YogaToes Gems: Gel Toe Separator and Stretcher for Instant Relief to Your Feet

YogaToes GemsSpecial Features: Hammer Toes, Plantar Fasciitis, Fight Bunions and more, suitable for 6 to 11 shoe sizes for women and 7 to 10 shoes sizes for men, patented YogaToes Gems, increase flexibility and straighten your toes, BPA-free, and 100 percent medical grade gel.

YogaToes Gems are designed to exercise, revive and stretch your toes. It is a good addition to your YogaToes family. With its easy-fit patented design, the toe therapy will be more comfortable and accessible. The gems can easily fit beneath and between toes and gently spread them apart and away from your feet balls and provide more benefit than barefoot walking. By improving feet and toes, the Gems can bring better posture and balance to the whole body.


  • Toe separators for pain relief
  • Gel toe spacers and protectors
  • To alignment and straightener
  • Suitable for bunion support, stretcher and sleeve


  • Can be too big or thick for some users

Original YogaToes - Small Sapphire Blue

Special Features: Gel to separator and stretcher to relieve your foot pain, exercise your toes to treat and prevent various foot problems, such as Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, and Hammer Toe, and separator must fit close to the webbing of feet.

Original YogaToes are designed to fit close to the webbing of your foot. It can be uncomfortable at an initial level, but you can start wearing toe separators for almost 10 – 15 minutes and increase the time to one hour for good results. It is good to paint your toenails and pedicure. It is soft, stretchable and constructed with silica gel. You can wash it with water and soap.

Various foot problems are caused by tightening up the ligaments and muscles in your foot. This separator is good to make subtle changes in the posture of your foot and transfer of forces upward to your leg and back. This special to stretcher can be adjusted between your toes, and you should keep it close to your foot webbing. These are good to wear while lying and sitting. These are excellent to increase your flexibility and combat some foot problems.

It is specially designed to improve circulation, realign joints and straighten your bent toes. These are suitable for treatment and prevention for some toe and foot problems, such as Bunions, Mallet and Claw Toe, Hammer and plantar fasciitis.


  • Increase flexibility and combat foot problems
  • Realign joints
  • Straighten the bent toes
  • Good to raise flexibility of your foot
  • Tighten muscles and ligaments of your foot


  • May have some adjustment problems

Flesser Yoga Sports GYM

HOVEOX Separator Socks with Five ToeSpecial Features: Designed with cotton material, fluffy and soft fabric, gives a massage to your feet, good for foot alignment, fit for 6 to 10 sizes, gently separate toes and stretches plantar fascia, ideal for yoga class and other workouts, easy to wear during a day, comfortable to walk around your house, good to wear while sleeping to spread out toes.

Flesser Yoga Sports GYM toe separator socks are good to alleviate your foot pain and help you to stretch your toes. These are made of soft and comfortable Spandex and cotton. You can buy this separator in navy blue, black, rose, red, pink, sky blue, white and brown colors. This separator is designed to rectify overlap toes, deformation toes and avoid foot cramp.

It will keep you away from bunions, hammertoes, foot cramps, and foot pain. It is ideal for ladies working stand-up all the day or work in the office. It proves helpful for people having sleeping problems.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Made of cotton
  • Good for hammertoes, bunions and foot cramps
  • Rectify knead toes
  • Deform your toes


  • May be itchy for long-term use

ZenToes Separators

ZenToes SeparatorsSpecial Features: Relieve pain from overlapping toes and bunions without surgery, soft and durable gel separator, gently realign big toes, enable you to walk or stand for a longer time, latex free and medical-grade gel, washable and allergy friendly, available in white or beige color, and four pieces in each set.

If you suffer from toe drift, bunion, and toe overlap, you can use this toe separator. These toe separators can make your feet happy. The supportive and flexible silicone pad keeps your toe comfortable. It is designed to wear like a ring on the second toe. The supportive and flexible silicone pad feels comfortable against your toe. It is good to treat toe overlap problems, and there is no need to worry about blisters on your sensitive skin between toes.

It will keep your big toe in accurate alignment and keep the sides of shoes from rubbing on it all the day. Toe separator can re-position your toe and reduce strain and ache. With its unique design, the toe separator can be a sensible solution for a toe overlap, toe drift, and bunion. This toe spacer is comfortable to wear for all types of shoes and designed to fit all feet for easy walking.


  • 2-in-1 toe spacers and protectors
  • Single separator rings and bunion pads
  • Bunion Shield spacer for toes


  • Size can be a problem for some people

DR JK- Original ToePal - Toe Spacer (check availability)

DR JK- Original ToePalSpecial Features: Two Different ToePals Pairs, Orthotic Device for toe health, one pair of Gel toe stretcher, one pair of loops to separator, good for yoga, increase space between your toes for proper alignment, toe straightener for callow toes, good for hammer toes, Bunionette, hallux valgus, and bunion, one size can fit for all, made of soft and stretchable medical grade gel, easy to wash with water and soap.

ToePal is a unique orthotic device to improve the health of your toes. You can put the gel adjacent to your toe joints and don’t push them to the base of your toes. You can use them in barefoot and make sure to use them on a regular basis. These separators are good enough to give you relief from throbbing and aching. The medical-grade gel and stretchers lengthen and separate the toes to reduce strain on your tissues, muscles, and joints throughout your foot.

This one-size-fits spreader is easy to slip on your toes and provide relief by improving the arrangement of each toe. This toe separator is perfect for athletes, yogis and ballet dancers. There is no need to wear it for a long time without a break. It will be good to take-off this gel for 2 – 3 hours to avoid interruption in blood circulation and other irritation. The quintuple loops are flexible and hugs your toes with its smooth texture. It is also good for pedicure.  CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE, CHECK STATUS HERE.


  • Balance your whole body
  • Adjust between toes
  • Easy toe therapy


  • May not work well for bigger women

Purpose of Toe Separators

The fundamental purpose of toe separators is to help your feet go back to its natural position and help you to correct your gait. It proves helpful not only for plantar fasciitis, but also many other feet problems like a bunion. By wearing toe separators, you can realign the feet bones and bring them back to their proper position. Initially, you may experience some discomfort because the separator will spread your toes. After wearing shoes for your entire life, you can imagine how challenging can be to relearn how to walk naturally. A toe separator can be a good choice to solve various foot problems caused by the use of footwear and improve symptomatology of plantar fasciitis.

Kinds of Toe Separators

Here are some toe separators available in the market to treat your plantar fasciitis and several problems:

Toe-spreading Socks

Toe spreading socks are available in the market. These are quite similar to regular socks and with the exclusion to force your toes to spread. As compared to other toe separators, these socks offer mild stretching to your toes. You can wear them during day time and night because these are available in numerous sizes.
These socks offer maximum comfort with your feet and enable you to do their job to keep your feet warm. These socks are comfortable than yoga toes because of these lightweight and present a decreased risk of irritation or friction. Various people find these socks comfortable to wear at night. These are good to wear at night because there will be no danger of falling off, regardless of sleeping pattern of a person. They will not provide excessive stretch by symptomatology; hence, you can use dynamic or yoga toe separators.

Yoga Toes

These are the famous toe separators and especially recommended for the people suffering from plantar fasciitis. Unlike toe separator socks, these offer moderate toe stretch and recommend to wear while a person is standing or sitting. These are mainly designed to spread your toes nicely. You can’t wear them in shoes or under socks. They are made of high-quality silicone, so there is no need to worry about irritations and allergies. If you have a tight budget, you can purchase budgeted toe separators made from the low quality material. These separators will also provide good results.
The fundamental purpose of yoga toe separators is to cause more spread. Apart from spreading effects, these toes are good to stretch muscles of your legs. These can extend the short Achilles tendon and improve the structure of foot arch. It can eliminate the symptoms of pain linked with plantar fasciitis. Wear these separators on a regular basis to realign your feet.

You can use these separators to make your toes straight and increase the flexibility in feet area. It is important to mention that these are good for those people who have short and narrow feet. The ergonomic design of these toe separators can improve your pain caused by the inflammation of plantar fascia. They are designed to gently spread your toes in a firm manner and enable your leg muscles to become resilient and flexible at the same time.

Dynamic Separators

These are similar stretching devices that you can wear your shoes. If you want to wear them with your shoes, you should purchase shoes with sufficient width to accommodate dynamic separators. It is essential to understand that these separators can gradually stretch and you can visible notice their results. These toes can stretch excessively and make you uncomfortable. You may feel pain after its excessive stretching. If you want to reduce the chances of these problems, you have to adjust them regularly.

Toe Separators for Weight-bearing Activities

Shoe separators are often recommended for standing and sitting positions. If you have to involve in weight-bearing activities, the conventional separators will not work. For these activities, you can get the advantage of special toe separators designed for weight-bearing activities. These will prove helpful to bring your toes in anatomical position, and these may work differently than other products in the market.
These separators are easy to identify for their unique design. You can wear them with your shoes, but make sure to purchase shoes with a larger width to accommodate these separators. You can wear them with toe spreading socks for maximum comfort. These are manufactured with medical-grade silicone; hence, these are flexible and comfortable. These are long-lasting separators and enable you to maintain an appropriate balance.

The Best Time to Use Your Toe Separator

It is considered to wear spacers while you are walking or standing, but for better results, you can wear them as you are resting and relaxing. For instance, if you want to watch a movie or read a book, just wear these separators for fifteen minutes. It is essential to adjust your toes to the separator to reduce pain and discomfort. You can gradually increase the wearing time to almost one hour. Some people ignore this practice and wear separators for a longer period. This situation can increase their discomfort and pain.

Top 5 Toe Separators for Foot Problems

Here are some toe separators that prove helpful for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. These top five toe separators below can be a good choice for anyone.


Toe separators are imperative for everyone who wants to get rid of various feet problems, such as plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, and bunions. These are designed to reduce stretch, strain, and pain of your foot. It will be good to talk to your doctor to find right toe separator for your toes. Toe separators prove helpful to get rid of symptoms of plantar fasciitis.


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