Best Yoga Clothing Brands

Best Yoga Clothing Brands: A Guide to Get the Best Brand for Your Yoga!

Yoga is an excellent method to find yourself and get rid of tensions and problems of your mind. If you are planning to join a Yoga class, make sure to select right types of clothes. There are different things to consider while choosing yoga clothes. Certain kinds of yoga workouts are vigorous and require cotton or sweat absorbent fabric. Other yoga forms are done in the heated rooms, and you should put less clothing on your body. Without right gears, you will feel uncomfortable in your yoga class. You will need comfortable clothes, but it doesn’t mean to stay away from your social gatherings. You can select beautiful yoga clothes to feel secure, sexy, spunky, creative, confidence and empowered. There are some stylish brands to give a unique touch to your personality.

Here are some yoga clothing brands that are making a splash this season:


Yoga outfits of KiraGrace are designed to uplift your confidence and make you look sexy. With its stylish asymmetrical top, it gives the right amount of support to your body. You can pair this beautiful top with warrior legging that features ultra-sexy cut-outs at the calf and thigh. If you are feeling ferocious, you can choose Flirt Capri available in leopard print to show off your flirty and fun side.

All products of KiraGrace are designed with high-quality fabrics, and these are available in XXS-L size. KiraGrace donates a particular percentage of each sale for the children through Yoga Seva Project. You can try different products of KiraGrace, such as Halter, pants, shorts, jewelry, etc.

2Mika Yoga Clothing

Entire clothing line of Mika, especially leggings is mainly designed for women to hug their body from top to bottom. They have concocted the ideal fabric (90 percent polyester and 10 percent Lycra) for idea fit and stretch to make you comfortable while you are lying for Savasana or performing Sun Salutations.
The capris and leggings have a high waist so that you can practice your Yoga postures without feeling self-conscious or pull up your pants. The Mika offers high waisted leggings to adjust on your belly button without affecting your style.
Along with vibrant colors and fun patterns, the beautiful leggings are designed with additional elastic on their bottom to fit them on your heel for stylish and cute fit. If you want to do hot yoga, you can go nuts on the drawstring shorts to fit them without riding up with your each move.

3Alo Yoga

This particular brand is founded in Los Angeles, CA and has a great name in their line of high-quality products, on-trend styling, and innovation. Alo Yoga offers you excellent and comforts during your Yoga workout with their special workout dresses. Their clothes are tested for yoga enthusiasts to ensure maximum comfort and style. Alo Yoga has an active presence on Instagram, and they are known for their contemporary cuts and unique patterns.
Their yoga tops and leggings are designed to flatter your moves and body. Alo Yoga offers shorts, tanks, hoodies, pullovers, and leggings. Their stylish leggings have a two-toned goddess, and it gives you a feel of leg warmer without any adjustments. If you want energetic and bold prints, Alo Yoga will be a great choice for you. Airbrush leggings will make you confident to put your mat even at the front of your Yoga class.
There is no need to pair your leggings with boring sports bras having racerback. Sports bras of ALO have a sleek and strappy design that everyone wants to show off. You can bare your sexy shoulders with open backed and flowy tees made of soft modal jersey.

4Under Armour

Under Armourare famous for their athletic women products. They sponsor some most inspiring women of athletic industry, such as Misty Copeland (ballerina), Kathryn Budig (Yoga Goddess), Natalie Uhling and Shauna Harrison. For several companies, the Yoga is just a habit, but the Under Armour encourages and shows the dedication and power of Yogis.
Their studio line is designed with wicking and soft fabrics to keep you dry and cool even after an intense workout. As per Under Armour, the Yoga is a full-time work, and you should dress like a full-time armor. They have stylish and high-impact supportive bras to support your body. Their clothes are durable enough to hold up some severe damage and last several years for your yoga practice.

5Flexi-Lexi Fitness

If you are interested in making a special style statement with your stylish pants, the Flexi-Lexi fitness can be a good choice for you. Their clothing line for yoga industry can’t be ignored. With their scrunchy shorts and strappy bralettes, their collection is colorful, comfortable and cute for all girls. For a sexy feel, you can try their Peek-a-Boo leggings designed with sexy mesh panels and high waist to protect your love handles.
For mini yogis, they have the tiniest love with mini apparel of Flexi Lexi. Company’s signature bra is available at reasonable price to avoid extra bounce and uncomfortable feeling during intense yoga moves. It is time to say bye to your simple black tank tops and yoga pants. You can stand on your mat with style because yoga dresses are designed with patterns, prints, hip styles and exotic colors. The stylish and colorful clothes of this brand will make you feel stronger, comfortable and empowered.


You can recognize their brand easily because they believe in keeping your wardrobe simple and increasing challenges in yoga. They offer a comprehensive range of yoga dresses at affordable prices. They offer different pieces for yoga activities, but the enthusiasts of hot yoga love their breathable collection without utilitarian.
With their famous side string short, you can show off booty and flatter your body. These shorts are equally good for all body types. If you love to wear capris with a stylish touch, Onzie can help you with its variety of cut-outs and chic capris. The capris with mesh panels are stylish enough to wear on casual occasions.

7Collection of Nina B. Roze

A unique collection of Nina B. Roze is ideal for athletes, but their feminine elegance and luxurious style make them a regular wear. The special styles highlight your body with long-lasting fabric. The fabric can hug your curves and wick moisture. Yoga leggings with Heart Butt signature can be your booty with a flatlock and incredible heart-shaped pattern. This exclusive design can draw the attention of others to your assets.
If you want a bold look, you can pick a Yoga Capri with 2Tone Concealed Pocket in black color. The back of Capri is designed with abstract paint and the splatter print in the front makes it matchless. If you want extra breathability for your high-intensity workouts and hot yoga, you can select Mesh Legging Side Plant that features jersey fabric compression with black mesh panels and contrast stitching gives you slimming look.
You are advised to pair these leggings with Sports Bra 2Tone (low-to- mid-impact bralette). This bra has three supportive fabrics along with dual spaghetti strap for support to lift your bust and hold it to its place for all asana. The pants are easily available in XS-L sizes.


The exclusive collection of Katasana Apparel is made by Kat Schamens who is a Yoga teacher in New York City. With its metallic fabrics and bold colors, this collection offers some unique apparel for yoga. You can spice up your yoga routine with bright colors of garments. The Sparkle collection will help you to reflect your inner spark and show off the bubbly personality.
The leggings are designed with a comfortable waistband that will not move or shift during your practice. With its super elastic fabric, it will feel like 2nd skin and increase your comfort. Just try a great pair of leggings Oil Spill to get an excellent feel. With hot pink and mermaid sea sparkle leggings, you will become the center of attention in your Yoga class. Pair the Capri pants or leggings with a bra top and a tank top. These leggings and tops will enhance your personality. The yogis will surely enjoy hot shorts in the summer season for hot yoga. The Capris and leggings are available in size XS-L.

9Yoga Democracy

For beautiful, stylish and comfortable line of fabric, Yoga Democracy will be a right choice for you. The designs are comfortable and attractive to give you a unique style. The dresses are made of recycled plastic, such as one pair of leggings is designed with 12 plastic bottles. A particular procedure is used to dye fabrics to prevent fading and bleeding over time; hence, don’t worry about Glorious leggings and butterfly leggings. These will remain vibrant even after 100 days.
The pilling-free stylish leggings are available in 4 to 12 sizes and feature chafe-free joints and design without a tag for maximum comfort, silky smooth and luxurious feel. The best thing is their elastic-free waist to keep you comfortable while exiling your muffin top, and compression feels like 2nd skin. You can pair crops and leggings with a stylish and supportive Choli top. To avoid extra bounce, use a sports bra that is mainly designed for girls.

10Montiel Clothing

If you are looking for elegant and chic yoga wear that can make your feel confident and pretty, Monitel can be a right brand for you. If you have frumpy feelings and need to recline on your couch for a long day, you can slip in Cowl Back top with Teardrop bra. For chilly nights, your selection will be simple, such as Hanley top with long sleeves to cover up your body.
It will be fun to pair these tops with Lea legging available in white and black. These no-fuzz and non-pilling leggings will keep your panty concealed. The leggings are available in XS-L size. Elegant and chic yoga wears of Montiel will style your body and make you feel comfortable during a workout.

11Kast Fitness Clothing

With a little Brazilian spark, the capris and leggings of Kast Fitness are designed to accommodate your active lifestyle. Just slip on a Yoga pair to feel motivated and inspired on your yoga mat. With its high-quality fabric and comfortable design, the exclusive leggings and tops are prepared to increase your confidence. These hand cut wear are sewn in Brazil’s factory run by a family. The bottoms feature mid-rise and flat seams, flat waistband that remains flattering and comfortable from day to night.
The Supplex-blend and lightweight fabric can absorb moisture and keep you comfortable and relaxed with its quick-drying features. For your hot yoga, these clothes work well. You can pair a soft black legging with a top designed with bold patterns and colors, such as Sugar Skull capris, Zabra striped pink capris, and Empress blue leggings. The capris and leggings are offered in XS-XL sizes.

Final Words

After exploring the world of fabulous Yoga fashion, it will be easy for you to select colors and style that make you feel confident and good. You can experiment different tops and yoga bras with leggings and pants to feel right. Your comfort can increase your commitment toward yoga and a comfortable and stylish yoga dress plays an important role to increase your motivation. For instance, the collection of Nina B. Roze features pants with unique designs on the back. For some yogis, this design can be bold enough, but experiment it to highlight your booty.

There is no harm to try new colors and designs, but make sure to consider the intensity of your yoga workouts before selecting leggings and top. Hot yoga makes you sweat a lot, and you will need something special like cotton to keep your body cool. Your chosen fabric should absorb your sweat to keep your body dry and comfortable. A bold yogi can pair yoga leggings or pants with a bra, but if you feel shy, you can try a strapless or tank top over a sports bra. For female yogis, yoga/sports bra proves really useful to reduce bouncing rate of your assets.


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