Best Zumba Shoes: Find The Top Zumba Shoes

Best Zumba Shoes: Find a Top Zumba Shoe

To get the right intensity required for the Zumba dance and training session, you should choose the best Zumba shoes. With their special design, you can move your feet and heel easily. These are lightweight to avoid any strain and soreness on your legs after a long workout session.

Here Are The Best Zumba Shoes in the Market Right Now


Bloch Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker


Nike Men's Free 5.0 Shoes

Nike Men's Free 5.0 Shoes

Why do you need Zumba shoes?

The best Zumba shoes are specially manufactured for Zumba workouts to provide appropriate support to your body and feet. Beginners often start with their regular running shoes, but soon they realize that they don’t work well in Zumba. The running shoes offer great grip in different weather conditions, on hard and wet surfaces. Wrong shoes will increase the chances of injury in your knees and other parts of legs. Shoes available in the market offer lots of features; you should give preference to comfort. Make sure to select a comfortable and lightweight shoe because heavy feet will not help in Zumba moves. If you want extra protection for your feet, you can choose a slightly heavy pair.

What should consider to purchase top-rated Zumba Shoes?

With below mentioned ideas, it will be easy for you to select one of the top Zumba shoes:

  • Consider Pivot Point: You have to find the pivot point in the Zumba shoes. It is a place on Zumba shoe that enables you to turn your body while moving. In the absence of pivot point, you will get a strong grip and your feet may stick to the floor during movement. As a result, you may damage your legs while twisting them.
  • Shock Absorbent Soles: Zumba may be hard on your feet because of its dynamic nature, and a good sole can be helpful for you to protect your feet. Sneakers are good to do Zumba with thicker soles as compared to other exercise shoes. With thicker sole, you will get a light feel after wearing these shoes. If you want to avoid any accident during Zumba workout, make sure to select shoes with thinner soles.
  • Heel Counter: The heel counter is an important part of shoes to support your heels. It offers stability and support to your feet. Before selecting Zumba shoes, check Achilles notch on shoes; otherwise, the back of feet could scrub and damage your feet. Some experienced dancers may not get shoes with heel encounters because of their strong feet and heel contacts are not essential for them.
  • Stability and Breathability: Zumba sneakers should be breathable because it is an intensive exercise and you will get sweaty body and feet. Try to buy stable shoes to get maximum support different moves involved in your Zumba routine, twists, jumps and sides.
  • Space for Toes: Make sure to get plenty of space for your toes while exercising; hence, you have to check if your toes are relaxed while they are stretched out to stop your toe standing exercises.
  • Check Surface: Zumba trainers have to work on different surfaces; hence, you should check the surface of your venue before selecting shoes. Zumba shoes designed for carpets will not work well on hard and polished surfaces. Carpet Zumba shoes tend to be slippery on hard surfaces.

Top 10 Zumba Workout Shoes

Here are ten top-rated Zumba shoes that can offer maximum support to your feet during a Zumba training session:

Best Zumba Shoes on the $16 to $90 Range

Bloch Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker for Women

Special Features: Mesh and canvas, rubber sole, heel measures ¼ inches, non-marking split sole, odor/mildew resistant, Drilex lining and non-wrinkling breathable, lace-up and innovative design, intelligent lacing system, unisex, five amazing colors, ultra lightweight, crossover shoes with mesh upper and soft leather, odor resistant and breathable, flexible design to move in all positions.

Extremely soft and flexible shoes are designed with mesh and canvas to make them breathable and lightweight. The split sole aims to support the muscles of your feet. If you are new to dance class, this can be a good choice for you to avoid aching of arches. The sole is made of rubber to glide and twist easily. These shoes have tendency to slip too much, but you can use it to improve your strength. It comes in four different designs and colors.

These canvas and mesh shoes offer incredible breathability for sweating feet on the floor. With a thin rubber sole, these are delicate and lightweight shoes. Some people find its sole rubber stuck on particular flours and made it difficult to maneuver in making some moves. Some users don’t like it’s split sole because they want maximum midsole support. It can be an excellent choice for beginners because of sleek design and low price.


  • Non-marking sole
  • Thin sole and heel at 8” and ¼” respectively
  • Odor and Mildew resistant
  • Split-sole for beginners and other people who want this design


  • Extra traction on soles
  • Can be small for some users

RYKA Women Exertion Shoe

RYKA Women Exertion ShoeSpecial Features: Mesh and synthetic, imported, studio fitness shoes, synthetic sole, pivot point located on the sole, lightweight and requires low profile performance, lateral stability, breathability, durable rubber outsole, EVA midsole, excellent traction with rubber outsole, stability for intensive exercise moves, exceptional comfort and outstanding fit, design to fit the unique needs of women feet, maximum room for women feet, unusual and outstanding fit, lightweight and breathable upper.

Ryka is the best footwear for women for their Zumba class. These are designed as per the needs of women. The women have wide hips than men. The greater angle between women’s hip and knee can shift more weight on the outside of the foot leading over-pronation and require more stability during the foot strike. The structure, foot shape and muscle movement of women are different, such as narrower in heels, weaker arch, and broader relative forefoot. Zumba exertion is the most breathable and flexible shoe for women to wear during Zumba class.

With their mesh and synthetic construction, they are durable, flexible, lightweight and breathable. The upper portion of Exertion shoes is constructed with mesh and feature synthetic overlay for maximum support. Breathable and lightweight mesh makes these shoes extremely flexible. With pivot point on sole, these shoes enable you to turn and twist. With smooth sole areas, you can easily glide on any surface. Its distinctive design helps you to get a proper grip to stop your movement while slipping.

The exertion offers sole grips with downbeat and transition, with pivot point for smooth sections and twisting for gliding and diamond grip as per your needs. Wide toe box offers plenty of width for wide feet, and this shoe is extremely comfortable with inner padding and support. It may not provide much arch support as compared to other models of Ryka. As compared to other dance shoes, these can be a little bit small. If you want to wear socks with these shoes, you need to select half size socks as compared to average.


  • Available in different color combinations
  • Lightweight for easy and comfortable movement
  • Pivot on rubber and outer sole for better grip and stability to perform leaps and skids
  • Cushion padding can enhance your comfort with tongue and collar
  • Suitable for high impact Zumba exercises
  • Good for jogging and running


  • Can be pricey as compared to other brands
  • May have some fitting issues for wide feet of women

RYKA Women's Influence CT Shoe

RYKA Women's Influence CT ShoeSpecial Features: Rubber sole, imported material, vibrant lace-up shoes with logo at tongue and blind eyeholes, padded collar and tongue, direct-fuse and flex-foil support layers, dual-impact midsole, footprint design with traction outsole, for women only, roomier forefoot and narrower heel, secure footbed and enlarged instep volume, good to use in studio training, and pivot point for performance traction.

When looking for the best Zumba training shoes, Ryka is a famous brand in the world. RYKA Women’s Influence CT Shoes are equipped with unique features to grab the attention of fitness enthusiasts. These shoes are constructed by considering all Zumba training requirements of ladies. These are lightweight and provide extreme comfort. Despite dancing, you can perform running and jogging as well. Ryka Zumba shoes are extremely comfortable to wear for a longer period.

These shoes offer maximum comfort and cushioning effect in the middle of the shoe. With its air flow bent, the air can quickly circulate within shoes and your feet. The Ryka cross-training shoes are perfect for exercises classes, jogging and CrossFit training. These stylish and comfortable athletic shoes are available at a reasonable price.


  • Excellent airflow
  • Optimum comfort and durability
  • Protection from any shock
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Special for Zumba dancing and high impact exercises


  • Not good for women having toe box issues
  • May not adjustable for women with wider feet because inner walls of Ryka shoes can rub the skin

Capezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Capezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance SneakerSpecial Features: Synthetic, suede and mesh, synthetic sole, vents for air circulation, split sole design for foot articulation and flexibility, street size shoe, boxed and flat toe for toe stands, non-marking PU outsole with integrated patented flex points, padded Achilles indentation for extra comfort, perforated arch for breathability and ventilation.

Capezio DS24 is highly recommended for Zumba dance. These best-seller sneakers are designed with integrated flex points, padded lining, split soles, and EVA footbed for aerobic exercises. With your boxed and flat toe, you will get maximum flexibility, agility, and comfort. The materials are suede, synthetic and mesh to make the breathable and lightweight. The perforated arch offers extra ventilation.

With contoured and patented arch support, you can easily turn your body. Exclusive design will keep your feet cool with accurate breathability and ventilation. These shoes are good for hip-hoppers, teachers, jazz dancers, Zumba aficionados and ballroom dancers. With their non-marking soles, these are good for numerous applications.


  • Flexible and lightweight shoes
  • Flex-points for sufficient flexibility
  • Ventilated to perforate your toes, sides, ache and tongue of shoe
  • Keep your feet fresh and cool
  • Thick padded shoes on the collar, Achilles heel, and tongue
  • Lacing system to tighten these shoes
  • Removable insole
  • Ideal to use on carpet floor


  • Can be slippery on wooden floors
  • Can be smaller than typical street shoes

Bloch Women's Boost Dance Sneaker

Bloch Women's Boost Dance SneakerSpecial Features: Suede and mesh, synthetic imported sole, 1 ¼” heel measurements ¾” platform measurements, variable lacing to provide optimum arch fit and support, lightweight midsole for good cushioning and combine it with four high density outsole to increase your flexibility optimum support and arch fit with variable lacing procedure, built-in elevation and support for maximum comfort, outsole with high density for maximum comfort, enhanced flexibility, DRT cushioned heel for comfort and shock absorption, pivot points for 360 degree movements.

Get ready to practice your skills with Bloch Boost Dance Shoes designed with mesh upper. This lightweight shoe is super breathable and comfortable. The split sole enables you to enjoy maximum flexibility and the lace-up front secure both shoes for perfect fitting. With its high arches, it offers real support to your feet. This durable and lightweight shoe is comfortable enough with excellent cushioning. The variable lacing system is available for optimum arch fit. You can cradle their arches to elevate them and bring equilibrium to shock absorption.

With lightweight midsoles, you will get equal cushioning. The pivot points enable you to enjoy a complete range of movements. The outsole is great for dancers to provide them maximum flexibility. The spin spots offer you a range of motions, and you can rotate to perform 360 degrees with comfort and ease. The DRT cushion heels are perfect for comfort and maximum shock absorption during energetic dance moves.

Bloch shoes are highly recommended for experienced and seasoned Zumba dancers. With a pivot point, you can comfortably dance and slide on every ground. You can spin without injuring your ankles and knees. If you want protective, comfortable, supportive and lightweight Zumba shoes, Bloch can be the right choice for you.


  • Offer great value for money
  • Excellent for high arches
  • Optimum cushioning is available
  • Lovely suede on the upper
  • Mesh lining is great for breathability
  • Pivot point is available
  • Pivot point is available


  • Available in two colors only
  • Can be chunky and unappealing for some people

Zumba Women’s Dance Shoe with Fly Print

Zumba Women’s Dance Shoe with Fly PrintSpecial Features: Manmade design, imported material, synthetic sole, lightweight cushioning for maximum support, breathable mesh for flexible and soft fit, compacted EVA midsole for comfortable and light fit, z-slides enables you to slide easily on a surface.

The design of Zumba shoes is great with their compressed midsole to provide stability and arch support and allow you to dance with comfort. The lightweight cushioning lines the inner soles to provide extra support and comfort. With special Z-slide, you can easily slide across the floor. The Z-slide is a particular lining on the outer sole of rubber to support slide movements. These shoes are constructed with mesh to keep them breathable and lightweight so that your feet won’t get too sweaty or hot while exercising. It is easy to slip Zumba shoes on and off with a tab located at the back.

These are durable and shock absorber with mesh upper and rubber sole. These are available in a variety of colors to compliment your workout dress. With lightweight and breathable material, you can make quick moves and protect your feet from sweat allergies. Z-slide enables you to slide on any surface, including carpet, Marley, and hardwood. A tongue is attached for easy slip-on and laces allow you to tight shoes around your feet as per your needs.


  • Z-slide soles
  • EVA midsole for support and comfort
  • Mesh upper for maximum breathability
  • Lightweight cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Stylish and affordable
  • Good for Zumba


  • Minimal padding for the balls of feet
  • May fit slightly small

Zumba Energy Rush Dance Shoe for Women

Zumba Energy Rush Dance Shoe for WomenSpecial Features: 51.65 percent mesh and 48.35 percent polyurethane, rubber sole, breathable mesh for flexible and soft fit, Velcro strap for support and stability, Z-Slide technology to slide on any surface, and a non-marking outsole.

The Zumba energy shoes are designed with breathable mesh for flexible and soft fit, Velcro top strap for support and stability. With Z-slide technology, you can easily move your body and slide on any surface. With its non-marking outsole, you can move your body without extra efforts. These sneakers are designed with the detachable padded insole, padded tongue and ankle color to increase your comfort. Super flexible and lightweight shoes can enhance your energy with every jump and dance move.

If you want to avoid accidents and pains, you can try these shoes. These are equally good for squat, lunge and jump in your dance class. Your Zumba class requires flexible movements and decent grip on the ground. These shoes will help you to move flexibly without any trouble and maintain your posture and balance. These particular shoes can increase your focus and energy during Zumba workout. You can buy these shoes in dark or light purple colors.


  • Increase your energy with particular Z-compress
  • Comfortably slide on all surfaces
  • Secure hold of foot on the ground
  • Cushioned sole made of rubber for additional support
  • Get the advantage of non-marking outsole


  • Synthetic sole is not optimal
  • Not good for people with flat feet

Zumba Street Boss Dance Shoe for Women

Zumba Street Boss Dance Shoe for WomenSpecial Features: Imported leather, rubber sole, leather overlays on heel and toe protect your stress points, impact protection, Z-slide technology to slide easily on every surface, and total control on feet.

The Zumba Bose shoes are designed to manage your control on your body during Zumba moves. Without being thick or rigid, these shoes are durable enough to withstand the intense use of one hour. For booty-shakers and risk-takers, these stylish Zumba shoes work really well. These feature support and impact protection to give a new style to your kicks. The Zumba street boss features unique Z-slide to slide on any ground easily. With lightweight rubber soles, the Zumba bose shoes offer great comfort to your feet.

Zumba bose sneakers are lightweight to dance freely and perform fun steps without any problem. Proper ventilation avoids excessive sweat because sweaty feet can be unhealthy to allow breathability and ventilation. These are found in the form of vent systems and mesh type design. You will get a strong and flexible grip for quick movements to accommodate hard workouts. These special shoes are intended to avoid any accident while performing Zumba workout.


  • Z-slide sole for easy movement on all grounds
  • Rubber sole for lighter feel
  • Lightweight to freely dance and perform different steps
  • Proper ventilation to offer maximum breathability to your feet
  • Heels with leather overlay


  • You may have to buy one size larger shoes
  • May not work well for people with flat feet

Best Zumba Shoes Over $100

Reebok Men’s Dance Les Mills

Reebok Men’s Dance Les MillsSpecial Features: Mesh and synthetic for men, athletic sneakers, soft and TPU pieces, bootie design, mid-cut shape for improved stability and ankle support, 3D outsole with turn zone, Flex grooves and molded ortholite sockliner, flexible forefoot foam, stable mid-foot foam, functional comfort, rubber outsole, light and cushioned support, forefoot grooves, and extra stability.

If you want something funky and funny on the dance floor to enhance your performance, you can try Reebok Dance Les Mills Shoe for Men. These shoes are great for cardio with extra cushion and high impact. These have higher tops and come with a cradle to provide support to your ankles. The arch support is appreciated by various reviewers because it has strong heel support for agile movements. This special technology is known as AdaptAMove and enables dancers to move in multi-directions while workout out without any injury.

Reebok Lm shoes have mesh upper for maximum breathability along with NanoWeb and DuraCage FitFrame technologies for maximum support. A carbonated foam and gas fueled midsole ensures cushioned and light ride. The Z-rated midsole is prepared for improved traction and handling. Cradle in the midsole offers stability and grooves forefoot for flexibility. Dual density and rubber outsole increase the comfort of these special Zumba shoes. These shoes are available in a variety of vibrant colors and sizes may range from 7 – 11.5.


  • Lightweight upper and sole
  • Plenty of space in your toe box and snug enough for sufficient support
  • Vibrant designs and colors
  • Fashionable for dance and street wear


  • Expensive shoes
  • Too long laces can be a problem

Nike Men's Free 5.0 Shoes

Nike Men's Free 5.0 ShoesSpecial Features: Mesh and synthetic design, imported, featuring hexagonal flexible grooves on minimal, rubber sole, encourage natural foot strike, all-new design, mesh upper and lightweight design, molded design for inner footbed, arch support for different types of feet, customized design.

Nike Men’s 5.0 shoes can be the best pick for men to start Zumba dance. The lightweight design and mesh upper blend well with the footbed. These shoes have flexible molded design to the internal footbed. These are breathable to protect your feet from sweat and hotness. With its flexible design, it is a minimalist shoe with a right amount of cushion. This design is equally appealing for runners and dancers. The midsole design promotes excellent midfoot strike just like Sketchers and Karhu.

Upper mesh makes this shoe lightweight, and you will enjoy a tight grip with its Huarache style heel. You will not experience heel-slippage while dancing. To increase your comfort, you can wear them with socks. Women with wider feet can get a comfortable fit with these shoes.


  • Flexibility in your footbed while providing excellent strength
  • Slide easily on any surface, even carpet because of excellent traction on soles
  • Molding footbed is supportive to adjust to your own feet
  • Moldable arch support is good for any foot
  • Excellent colors and design from Nike
  • Customized design


  • These shoes can be little bit expensive than other dancing shoes

Types of Dance Shoes

  • Solid Sole offers good support for the arch and it equally famous between beginner and experienced dancers. If you have high feet arches or flat feet, you can select solid sole shoes.
  • Split Shoes are famous among experienced dancers or people having strong feet. These particular shoes offer maximum flexibility for foot because of no midsole. These shoes are not suitable for beginners because of no arch support.
  • Midsole shoes are different because they can cover your ankle and offer lots of support and stability. Having less flexibility, these are good for people with feet problem.
  • Low Shoes will reach below your ankle and reverse of the mid shoe with less stability and support. You will get more freedom and flexibility with these shoes.

Care and Maintenance

If you want your Zumba shoes to last longer, make sure to take care of your shoes. If you are buying your first pair of shoes, you can feel and touch it on your flour. If your shoes are stiff, you can get them a little bit wet, but make sure to put some newspapers inside your shoes after wearing them. Some people recommend to soak leather shoes in hot water, but if you soak them in hot water, they can be overly stretched. It is not good to put your shoes directly in sunlight because they can become over dried and get cracks.

  • Use a soft cloth to clean your shoes after practice because dirt can damage the leather by bringing moisture out.
  • If your shoes are wet because of soaked or wet fields, you can put some newspapers inside each shoe to soak up extra water and avoid over-stretching.
  • Use a breathable bag to store your shoes and don’t seal a bag without holes.
  • You can use mink oil or leather food product to protect your leather cleats and keep them soft for a longer period.

It is not good to leave your shoes in your bag after finishing a workout. It is essential to air dry your shoes so take them out and keep on an airy place to let them naturally dry. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight because it can cause cracks on your cleat. Keep your shoes supple and soft with proper moisturization available for shoes.


Some Zumba shoes are designed for minimal weight and performance, and these can be more expensive than other shoes. It doesn’t mean that the durability comes with expensive models only. Premium Zumba shoes are designed for outstanding performance, but the durability of your shoes can be extended with appropriate care and maintenance.

After every practice, make sure to clean dirt and debris between shoes and wipe off the upper surface of shoes as well. You can purchase one of the top-rated Zumba shoes from given models. You have to consider durability, comfort, and flexibility of Zumba shoes before investing money.

Some affordable models can be more durable than premium models. You should consider all important factors mentioned in this post. Carefully select snugly fitting shoes because a big shoe can become loose during the competition and a tight shoe can injure your feet and affect your performance on the stage.

A leather upper can be more comfortable and durable than synthetic. Make sure to see your budget before making a purchase decision. If you can afford, you can invest in Nike Zumba shoes. There are some affordable options, such as RYKA and Zumba brands mentioned in this post. Capezio is another brand with affordable Zumba shoes. Reebok offers durable and lightweight shoes that can be expensive. If you are suffering from any particular problem, consider your physician before selecting shoes. Some Zumba shoes are not suitable for people with flat feet. Your selected shoes should provide maximum comfort and freedom to move your body.

We hope that this guide will prove helpful for you to buy the best Zumba shoes. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please send us your feedback. We are waiting for your response to make this platform useful for you.


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