Running tips for supinators

tips for supinators

Running is a healthy habit and comes with lots of benefits for physical health. Muscular development is also possible with regular running regimen. However, improper running stances can lead to immense stress on the feet and cause more harm than do good. Supination in the foot is a common problem and can lead to immense pain, sprain in ankle, muscle strains and various kinds of serious injuries. While running, when the feet land on the ground, they distribute the body weight. Improper landing of the feet can lead to problems and injuries.

Mentioned below are 5 essential running tips for supinators:

Correct the running stance

Proper stance and posture while running are very important. When you are walking or running fast, try getting a soft landing, while lowering the feet on the ground. Do not pound the feet hard on the ground; try to remain light on the feet. Try landing with a flat foot, preferably closer to the mid-foot so that minimal pressure is applied on the heels and back-foot. Excessive curving of the toes should also be avoided and can be improved with toe spacers. Shorten the stride and increase cadence for proper form of legs and feet. Maintain an upright posture by keeping a straight back and relax completely.

Work on the leg muscles and strengthen them

The muscles in calves and ankles tend to be weak in most people. And this weakness leads to sprains and injuries while running or fast walking. Therefore, it is recommended to start doing strength-building leg exercises so that the muscle weakness can be dealt with successfully. Some of the most common exercises that can be done in this regard include lunges, calf raises, squats, crab crawls etc. Apart from these, sprints, HIIT workouts and any kind of burst training are good for strengthening the lower body parts.

Try loosening the tight muscles in the body

Supinators must concentrate on loosening up the tight muscles in the body, including that of the feet and the ankles. And for this, there is no better exercise than stretching. Extra stretches for the hamstrings, calves, iliotibial band, quads etc is highly recommended. With gentle stretching, muscles in the legs can sustain better form easily as the adhesions break up and the legs feel free. For improving ankle mobility, ankle stretching can be done. It has been seen that stiff ankles contribute to majority of supination problems and these can be combated with the help of stretching exercises.

Do not overstress while running or exercising

Most people have the tendency of overstressing themselves and this contributes to injuries greatly. When you plan to begin rigorous kinds of exercises like running or walking for long stretches, try beginning them gradually and take proper rest in between the exercises. Warming up is very important before such exercises and stretching is one of the best ways of doing the same. This helps in loosening the ankles and the calves significantly. Choose the right surface to run on. Running on uneven surfaces can cause injuries and pains. The moment you feel that the body is stressed, stop running and take rest.

Choose the right kinds of shoes

This is probably the most important thing to keep into consideration for supinators. Choose lightweight and flexible sneakers as these are excellent for runners who love to be on their feet for long stretches of time. Shoes for supination are lightweight have the capacity of withstanding more ankle motion while providing the right kind of support to the ankles and the feet. For people who have weak and wobbly ankles, higher-top sneakers are a great choice as these help in stabilizing the ankles properly. Also remember, never run with worn-out sneakers as they might cause severe injury to the feet.

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