Training At Home or Training at The Gym?

What is the best approach for you

So, you’ve decided you’re going to commit to working out?  This article will help you choose whether to go to the gym or do it a home. To decide this, many factors must be examined.  The most important of those is your motivation (or lack thereof) to workout.

Are you capable of pushing yourself or do you need the help of others, whether it be in a direct or a more passive way?  Are you someone that is a self-starter or are you more of the type that has to be pushed and motivated?

If you are new to working out, the gym also can be quite daunting.  However, it can also be a savior because you can find many, many people there to teach you how to do things; use their experience because you don’t have to repeat their mistakes!

Today, we are going to list the reasons for working out and home as well as looking at reasons that you should be working out at the gym.

At Home

For true fitness fanatics, working out at home is almost second-nature.  This is what I like to do, and there are many reasons that I choose to workout this way.

One of those is the fact that I don’t need guidance, necessarily, in order to do my workouts.  When I do encounter questions, I always have the internet to back me up.

Reasons to Workout at Home

  • Saves a lot of time in your day as well as money driving. Let's face it: having a gym in the house makes it much easier for you to just slide in and knock out a workout in whatever amount of time you have; this is virtually impossible at the gym depending on what you are doing. .
  • You don't have to use the same equipment everyone else has sweated on! I know that sweating is just part of working out, but it really is a place where a lot of germs get spread from day-to-day.
  • You know how to get things done. This isn't a slight on newbies or people that are even in the intermediate category, but if you are experienced with working out and can motivate yourself properly to do it as part of a regular schedule, then there is no need to go to the gym.
  • There are no waits when you work out at home, unless you want them that is! At the gym, sometimes a machine, bench, or set of weights are taken, and this absolutely can kill a workout (this is a huge peeve of mine- people workout way too slowly to accomplish much)!
  • You don't have to run into Suzy or Bob in your own home gym. Much like #4, running into the town blabbermouth costs you precious time. Don't let it happen by working out at home!

Reasons to Workout at The Gym

  • You need a way to go out of the house while doing something productive. Whether you work at home, stay with the kids (very hard work), or even work outside of the house, going to the gym can be a way to get out of the sedentary routine that the workplace produces and clear your head. .
  • You don't have to use the same equipment everyone else has sweated on! I know that sweating is just part of working out, but it really is a place where a lot of germs get spread from day-to-day.
  • You are lacking motivation. Lacking motivation to workout and trying to workout at home, near the couch and bed, is not a good mix. This can be the perfect way to combat that.
  • The gym offers much more equipment and classes than at home. Up front, a home gym can be quite costly, so for many the versatility of a gym membership is the way to go.
  • You want to socialize with other people that also are working to make themselves better. The gym is a great place to build camaraderie, even if you do so in a passive way.

Before we leave you, there are a few universal benefits to working out.  I encourage everyone, whether they are planning to go the gym or workout from home to do so because of these things.

Working out builds self-confidence like nothing else in my life ever has.  When you set a goal and accomplish it, you have something to look back and be proud of!

In addition to being helpful to your mental health and overall sanity, working out also is going to help you look better and feel better in your everyday life.  So, whether you decide to get to the gym or to workout at home, the important part to remember is to just keep working out on a consistent basis!


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